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Let us help you go from IT strategy to actionable metrics for your IT services and processes.

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Helping IT Define and Reach Their Goals since 2015
Let us help you translate your IT strategy to actionable metrics for your IT services and processes. Building on 30+ years of combined experience from delivering and managing IT Services we can assist you in how to define and reach your goals.

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Our customers come from all segments and sizes, the common denominator is they need insight into how IT performs

Services for business professionals:

Performance Measurement Implementation

Let us assist you with best practice advice on implementing a performance measurement culture to manage both IT resources and achieve general strategic goals and results

Metric Management Design

Ensure your employees and managers know what is being measure and why. We can assist with design and implementation of roles and processes for working with metrics, ensuring buy-in from the people that will make your strategic goals and results come true 

Time Registration Analytics

Have you ever really looked at how your employees spend their time besides looking at targets for invoicing, vacation etc.? Lets take a deep dive into your time registration data and correlate with other data sources  

Data Driven Improvements

Have you ever started great initiatives that just never finished or delivered on their promise? Let us assist you with finding the ones that make sense from a data driven approach and help you baseline, measure and ensure success 

Customer Journey Analytics

Are your customers satisfied with the delivery of service? In support functions such as IT you often fail to measure the actual customer experience as they interact with your staff. Let us help you with mapping out how customers interact and how well you are actually delivering your support services 

Services for IT professionals:

ITSM Baseline

Baseline your current ITSM system/implementation, either to identify areas for improvement or tracking the benefit of implementing a new ITSM system 


Case Prioritization

ITSM system independent solution for prioritizing individual cases based on your own set of business rules. Change prioritization on the fly or let machine learning assist in scoring each case 

ITSM Analytics

Standard data models for analyzing IT Service Management data from ServiceNow, CA Servicedesk, Remedy, HPSM and other ITSM systems

IT Adoption and Consumption

Are your users actively using the IT systems available? Do they use them for the right things? We can help you get an overview of adoption and usage of your IT systems 


ServiceNow Open Overview

Power BI based solution for keeping track of all open cases in ServiceNow, including your backlog and key metrics. Start with standard content and customize according to your needs 

Process Mining

Use advanced process mining algorithms to discover inefficient processes, waste, rework or even potentially unknown best practice that has emerged

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Years of experience has shown that the best way to engage customers and prove our value is by giving each company the opportunity to see what we can offer and how we can improve the IT performance. Contact us for a demo and a custom offer based on your needs.

Our Services are Built Using The IT Measurement Framework Metricus

Our IT Service Intelligence services combines Metricus Solutions with Venzo Operational Analytics, providing a proven framework for getting optimal value out of your IT data. Metricus Solutions and Services are used globally across a wide range of enterprise customers and is actively being used to analyze huge amounts of IT data

Cases analyzed

Incidents prevented

VENZO Analytics is a strategic partner of Metricus that offers:

  • Building blocks for solutions to capture the value of your IT data via leveraging an integrated eco-system of leading edge technology within BI for IT
  • ITSM Process Mining: leverage advanced process mining algorithms and content packs enabling you to graphically understand and measure your end-to-end IT processes
  • ITSM machine learning models to add value to you IT data; find out the probability of an incident meeting SLA, or a change failing, or forecast workgroup resource requirements

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Our experience ensures that our assistance in your project comes with the highest level of professionalism and quality. As well as a good coffee!

Our employees have extensive experience within various fields of IT, ranging from IT Service Management, Operations, Strategy, Service Desk and general IT management.

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Mikael TImm


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Rasmus Jakobsen

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Let us help you go from IT strategy to actionable metrics for your IT services and processes

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